How do I avoid a collision if a pedestrian suddenly runs out on the road? Advice from the car instructor.

According to statistics, accidents involving pedestrians remain one of the most serious in terms of consequences. A collision even at low speed can cause significant damage to the vehicle and cause injuries human. That is why I decided to tell you about how to act correctly in a case when a pedestrian suddenly ran out on the road. Today's recommendations are suitable for all situations, and every driver should know them.

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To answer today's questions, I consulted a familiar car instructor. He gave a number of useful recommendations and told about typical behavior of a person in a dangerous situation for him situations.

The problem of accidents involving pedestrians is very acute. Often motorists do not have the opportunity to see them even at designated pedestrian crossings. People walk around with headphones and hoods, thereby losing concentration. In the dark, due to insufficient lighting, it is difficult notice a man in dark clothing. That is why we recommend that you always slow down before crossing a pedestrian crossing and pay attention.

It is not uncommon for cars to collide with people outside pedestrian crossings. In this situation, the driver finds himself in a very difficult situation a collision can only be avoided by an experienced and trained motorist. However, in the vast majority of cases, the driver is found guilty of such an accident. This is justified by the fact that it should always move at a speed that allows it to react to the movement of the car. the resulting danger. As a result, drivers even get a real sentence for situations in which they could not avoid a tragic outcome.

Let's go to the algorithm of actions in the case when a pedestrian suddenly ran out on the road. Often this situation is associated with the behavior of children who are still struggling navigate the world without adult supervision. But adults themselves can often run across the road, headlong.

It is important to understand that you need to react quickly and correctly in this situation. The driver does not have more than a second to perform the correct actions, so it is important to remember a fairly simple rule.

A pedestrian who notices a dangerous situation will instinctively move forward. In order to go back, a person needs to do more actions. That is why it is recommended to avoid the" obstacle " of a person on the road behind him. By the way, the same one this recommendation is also suitable for avoiding collisions with animals.

Even if the pedestrian stops moving because of numbness, you should try to avoid him from behind. This will give the person an opportunity to take several steps forward at the last moment, thereby avoiding an accident. So simple a recommendation can save the driver from serious problems, so you need to remember it and hope that it won't come in handy in your life.

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